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Alice's path

For people with disabilities and with vision impairment

On foot Accessible Trail         
  • Duration: 40'
  • Difficulty Level: low

This itinerary winds in the quiet Capannella Wood for about 300 m, it was built with a bottom suitable for wheelchairs, equipped with banks and tables, handrail and rope, panels with braille texts for blind people and a sense-perception case. Moreover, there are many spots to come into contact with the inhabitants of the wood.
A "talking box" will be also prepared to make visitors listen to the sounds of the forest.
The itinerary is a living path along which the expert Guides will lead tourist groups and school groups through sense-perception activities.

Alice's path in the Capannella wood
Alice's path in the Capannella wood
(photo by PR Boschi di Carrega - Emilia Occ)