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The Park and the school

Environmental Education Proposals - School Year 2015/2016

The Sustainability Education Center (CEAS) Western Emilia is the operating system in charge of the Sustainability Education of the five Parks and four Reserves of the provinces of Parma and Piacenza: Parco dei Cento Laghi (PR), Parco Boschi di Carrega (PR), Parco dello Stirone e del Piacenziano (PR e PC), Parco Fluviale del Taro (PR), Parco Fluviale del Trebbia (PC), Riserva dei Ghirardi (PR), Riserva Monte Prinzera (PR), Riserva Parma Morta (PR), Riserva di Torrile e Trecasali (PR). Starting from this year the CEAS also manages the Monte Fuso Provincial Park (PR). The CEAS is part of the Regional System for Sustainability Education.

Many themes are proposed: from the discovery of the wildlife to the knowing of the forest and of the river, to the geology and paleontology, together with the researches on the macroinvertebrates, the birdwatching and the coexistence of men and animals.

The activities are divided into priority proposals, special projects and standard proposals:

  • Priority proposals: educational activities regarding the themes "Biodiversità" (Biodiversity), "Parco come Bene Comune" (Park as a common good), "Acqua e Territorio" (Water and Territory) and "Convivenza Uomo-Animali" (Man-Animals coexistence), in collaboration with our operators. These activities are free of charge for the schools within the Parks and the Reserves, until the budget available lasts.
  • Special projects: educational pathways resulting from the activities planned by the teachers and regarding the priority themes propesd by the Authority. Special prices for the schools within the Parks and the Reserves.
  • Standard proposals: environmental education activity often connected with the territories and reinforced over the years. They are carried out in the parks and reserves at full price.

In the figure below you can find the description of the standard proposals of the Parco dello Stirone e del Piacenziano.

Information and bookings: for further information and bookings contact the Environmental and Sustainability Education Center Emilia Occidentale - Strada Giarola, 6 - 43044 Collecchio (PR) by calling the numbers +39 0521 802688 and +39 0521 803017 or by sending an e-mail to

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Environmental education in the Park
Environmental education in the Park