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San Genesio route

Stirone Area

On foot Accessible Trail         Great Interest: Flora 
  • Comuni: Vernasca

The itinerary is located within an equipped area situated near the Stirone stream. It consists of a wooden boardwalk which links the car park to the stop area.
The itinerary develops through a ring reaching the stream bank and branches off to make the observation of the water course from different points possible. At the beginning of the path visitors find a table with all the most interesting information about the itinerary.
Some panels with braille writings will be soon placed in the central area to explain the project for accessibility and and the main plant species present in the area.

Call in advance to obtain the necessary information about the path's accessibility.
For further information:
Park's Visitor Center - Locality of Scipione Ponte, 1 - Salsomaggiore Terme (PR) - Ph. and Fax +39 0524/581139 - E-mail:
San Genesio church
San Genesio church
(photo by PR Stirone e Piacenziano)