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Itineraries, excursions and trekking

The best way to experience the parks… is to visit them!

Western Emilia's protected areas, thanks to their different environments and landscapes, offer countless visit opportunities ranging from the short excursions suitable for families with children to more demanding trekking. There are also paths for everybody, also suitable for disabled people. The opportunities range from the very short itinerary entitled "Segui le mie tracce", in the Parco dei Boschi di Carrega, equipped with life-size silhouettes of the animals and reproductions of the footprints along the "Percorso Cultura"; in the fascinating Val Bratica (Parco dei Cento Laghi), dedicated to Attilio Bertolucci's poetry. To jump back in the past, about two million years ago, one only needs to reach the Parco dello Stirone e del Piacenziano and follow the San Nicomede path, or the Rio Rosello path, where the outcrops of fossils on the riverbeds and on the badlands are a proof of the period when these places were on the bottom of ancient and hot seas. It is also possible to have a pleasant walk (also by bike) in the Parco Fluviale del Taro, following the route connecting Madregolo to Collecchio, or some easy itinerary along the Trebbia Stream, by the confluence with the Po River (near Piacenza) or along its stretch at the foot of the hills.
Another exciting way to come into contact with the Parks is to take part in the guided hikes included in the calendar entitled "Camminaparchi", or on the occasion of other events.