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Parco dei Cento Laghi
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Nature, culture and landscapes

The territory of the Protected Area is heterogeneous and multifaceted, thanks to the extension of its surface stretching from the hill environment (450 m above sea level) and from the valley bottom of the Parma Stream, up to the majestic elevations by the main apennine ridge and on the secondary ridges detaching from it in a perpendicular direction (1,500/1,600 m above sea level).

Such features make the Park a complex mosaic of different landscapes, where the thousand-year old symbiosis between man and nature modeled not always simple shapes and balances that are often very pleasant and harmonious.

Even though this nature is managed by man, the variety of animal and plant species, of geomorphological structures, of habitats, history and local culture makes the visit to this place very interesting and pleasant, and it highlights the safeguard and promotion needs.
Parma stream in the area of lower Cornigliese
(foto di Gilli-Turillazzi)
Flowers in permanent meadows
(foto di PR Cento Laghi)