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Living the Park

A series of works are underway in order to equip the park with accommodation facilities and a proper hiking network, based on the projects planned during the participatory path which led to its establishment and to the following phase.

In a building situated beside the oratorio in Camposanto Vecchio a Borgotrebbia the first visitor center is going to be established, and other information points will be opened.

On both of the riverbanks there are roads open to vehicles and dirt roads mainly connected with the mining activities and with the water control needs, which have been partially reorganized to limit the inappropriate passage of off-road vehicles, and it has been planned to renovate them as parts of the road network leading to the park.

The creation of the connections with some already existing cycle paths are underway: they branch off from Piacenza and develop in the countryside on the right of the Trebbia river.

Some simple itineraries are already present and they are ideal to walk surrounded by nature and visit several places of nature, landscape but also historical-cultural interest.

A few kilometers from the park there are the Archeological Park and the Travo Civic Museum, situated in the ancient castle towering over the village's center, and the Grazzano Visconti castle, with the neo-gothic and renaissance style village and the wide park, which has become a renown tourist destination.

The restaurants and the holiday farms offer the visitors the famous wine-and-food tradition of Emilia and Piacenza, whereas different accommodation solutions allow them to stay overnight near the Park.
Simulated organization of the Visitor Center
(foto di Archivio Corde Architetti)
Discovering the park by bike
(foto di PR Trebbia)