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Parco Fluviale del Taro
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By car

If you take the Highway A15 Parma - La Spezia it is possible to exit in Parma Ovest or Fornovo:
  • from the toll booth of Parma Ovest one goes on towards Parma; once passed the bridge over the Taro river, one takes the street on the right leading to Collecchio, then one goes on towards Fornovo and, by the locality of Pontescodogna, one turns right in the Strada Giarola.
  • from the toll booth of Fornovo one goes on towards Collecchio and Parma; after the built-up area of Gaiano one follows the directions towards Corte di Giarola, situated on the left of the original direction.

Public transport

If you come by bus you can take the bus line 6 Parma - Fornovo, whose stop, if you come from Parma by train, is situated opposite the train station.

Once reached the locality of Pontescodogna, one gets off at the related bus stop and turns right on the strada Giarola up to the Corte, through a pleasant walk far from the traffic which is about 800 m long and allows visitors to admire the charming historical and majestic building of the Corte.

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