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Knowing the Nature Reserve

The Nature Reserve and the wider Oasis protect a part of the Apennine which seems to have survived the time, keeping most of the middle mountain environments. Here one can find different elements: meadows, shrublands, oak forests, other mixed forests, rocks, badlands, exposed riverbeds, ponds, pastures, moors.
Such an ecological diversity makes a higher concentration of animal and plant species than in the surrounding areas possible, so that this area has become particularly interesting from the environmental point of view.

Ghirardi's plant biodiversity level is very high and not very homogenized. This area's varied morphology, characterized by the presence of calcareous or acid soil, rocky and unstable substrata, slopes with different exposures, creates the premise for different habitats and microclimates: it is possible to find typical species of the cold climates, such as the beech and the gentian, and mediterranean species, such as the tree heath.

This variety of natural landscapes makes a rich and interesting flora develop, starting from the 33 species of wild orchids, besides other precious plants. Big sessile oaks, pedunculate oaks and oaks are the proof of the ancient forests.

The area represents a safe shelter for many animals, with the environmental diversity being a diversification factor for them too, so that near the nest of the Eurasian woodcock there is the tunnel dug by the Euroepan bee-eater.

Such a richness is framed by an enchanting landscape which changes depending on the seasons and welcomes the visitors who want to lose themselves in this kaleidoscope of extremely rare habitats.

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San Giovanni meadows in autumn
(foto di Guido Sardella)
Winter at Ghirardi
(foto di Guido Sardella)
Eurasian nuthatch
(foto di Guido Sardella)