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Riserva Naturale Monte Prinzera
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Riserva Naturale Monte Prinzera

In the western Apennine near Parma, rich in natural treasures and cultural history, between the Taro, Ceno and Baganza Valleys, Mount Prinzera Nature Reserve keeps a whole of natural elements and environments of extraordinary interest in a small territory dominated by the mount of the same name (736 m above sea level), whose distinguishing features cannot be found in any other Park or Nature Reserve.

It is an ophiolite elevation made up of volcanic rock, with a "moon" landscape favoring the presence of unique habitats, as far as the richness and peculiarity of its spontaneous flora is concerned. The Nature Reserve is situated along the Via Francigena, an ancient route of the medieval pilgrimage, whose "Pievi" in Fornovo and Bardone are a fascinating proof.

The management of this natural heritage has been entrusted to the Parchi del Ducato (Parks of the Duchy), in agreement with the Municipaities in Fornovo and Terenzo, that contribute to the total expanses.
Among the management goals, one is to increase the scientific research, and to encourage the communication, the popularization of the data, the didactics, the environmental education, the sustainable tourism for the schools and any other users.  

To this purpose, an agreement between Parchi del Ducato, Municipality of Fornovo and Pro Loco association has been made for the opening of the Visitor Center and the promotion of events, services and activities for the visitors.

To book the thematic guided visits for school groups and groups, please contact the number +39 0521 802688 from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.