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Walking in the Nature Reserve

The itineraries of the equipped area in the Torrile and Trecasali Nature Reserve develop along long routes on dirt roads, that are accessible for people with disabilities and lead to the 8 observation huts.
The visit is carried out along a route marked by the visitor center; the first part crosses the wood, sideways on the Lorno canal, and once passed a herons' nesting place and the first hut it leads to another observation point.
Once back to the Visitor Center, one goes on on the left along a walkway, then one crosses a strip of land between the wide basin and a secondary canal.
The total itinerary can be covered in about 2 hours, including the stops at the huts.

The best period to visit the Reserve is from the end of March to the end of May, when the hedges bloom. The avifauna can be observed all the year round, with different populations depending on the season.
Guided visits on demand are available (for further information: ph. +39 0521/810606 - E-mail:

Wooden walkway
Wooden walkway