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Parco dei Boschi di Carrega
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Knowing the Park

The protected area has a particular nature and historical-cultural value. The forest heritage consists of mixed oak woods, chestnut woods and of an ancient beech forest.
The landscape is crossed by small rivers and lakes and many clearings, and by monumental gardens built around the historical villas as well. Thanks to the many environments, the fauna is very rich too: among the mammals one can easily observe the roe deer, symbol of the Park, the squirrels and the hare on the meadows. In the Park's lakes there is the rare European pond turtle, which is very shy and difficult to observe.

This place had been chosen by the court of Parma since the time of the Farneses for the holidays or the hunting period. The Park still keeps some outstanding architectural elements, such as the Villa Casino dei Boschi, now headquarters of the Casinetto Park Center, and the Ferlaro Villa, one of the most interesting buildings of the time of Maria Luigia. The Levati Visitor Center was obtained from the restoration of an ancient rural country building.