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The Park and the school

Environmental Education Proposals - School Year 2022/2023

In the Woods, everything still suggests the presence of the Duchess Maria Luigia while walking in the garden of her residence, the Casino dei Boschi Villa. What atmosphere! Tree-lined avenues, large trees and lakes surrounded by greenery: here you could experience silence and enchantement, even if the city is very close. The Park is the ideal place for schools and teachers who are willing to discover all about the wood and its inhabitants, about special "guests" such as wolves and other mammals and about "strange" trees coming from very far.

But the Park offers much more: it is the laboratory where you could assess the effects of climate change and where you could understand that soil is life and must be treated with respect, that some near natural landscapes need our care and that history and culture have shaped (not without contradictions) a unique landscape!

 Discover our educational proposal in Parco dei Boschi di Carrega, choosing from:

PRIORITY PROPOSALS: free activities for schools in the Park and Reserve Municipalities (**) and at reduced costs for other schools, subject to budget availability. The themes proposed for school year 2022/2023, which are divided into different activities suitable for all school levels, are:


  • Ecosystem functions: From Forest to soil, the ecosystem functions;
  • Climate change: From local to global, how to observe it around us!.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: educational proposals resulting from co-designing activities with teachers on priority themes proposed by the Authority. At reduced costs for schools in the Park and Reserve Municipalities (**). The special projects for school year 2022/2023 are:

  • We are all BIOdiverse: biodiversity in the Protected Areas;
  • The return of wolf: tales of prey and predators;
  • The importance of "minor" fauna: amphibians, reptiles, micro-mammals, fish and insects;
  • Aliens among us: the spread of alien species and local biodiversity;
  • Running waters: dynamics, ecology and river management;
  • Wood that...lives: forest ecology and the functions of deadwood for biodiversity;
  • Cultivating...the landscape: agrobiodiversity and production;
  • Bene comune green areasactions for the land care and protection;
  • Soil consumption: the important of the soil and its protection. 

ESPERIENCES, CULTURAL VISITS, WORKSHOPS: educational activities, often linked to the territory and consolidated over the years, aimed in particular at classes within to take an educational trip to a protected area. They can be carried out entirely in the field on be accompanied by preparatory or in-depth meetings.

 Discover more about rates and booking methods by downloading the Form!

Teachers' Help Desk
Always open at the CEAS to:

  • orientate to the choice of the educational path
  • give support for complex projects, also for access to calls for funding
  • plan training meetings for teachers
  • realize supporting teaching materials
  • inform about rates and booking methods

 Information and bookings: for further information and bookings contact the Environmental and Sustainability Education Center Emilia Occidentale - Strada Giarola, 6 - 43044 Collecchio (PR) by calling the numbers +39 0521 802688 and +39 0521 803017 or by sending an e-mail to 

(**) The municipalities of the Parks and of the Reserves: Albareto, Alseno, Borgotaro, Calendasco, Carpaneto Piacentino, Castell'Arquato, Collecchio, Corniglio, Fidenza, Fornovo Taro, Gazzola, Gossolengo, Gragnano Trebbiense, Gropparello, Lugagnano Val d'Arda, Medesano, Mezzani, Monchio delle Corti, Neviano Arduini, Noceto, Parma, Pellegrino Parmense, Piacenza, Rivergaro, Rottofreno, Sala Baganza, Salsomaggiore Terme, Sissa-Trecasali, Sorbolo, Terenzo, Tizzano Val Parma, Torrile, Vernasca.

Here below you can find the description of the Experience Proposals, cultural tours, and workshops related to the Parco dei Boschi di Carrega

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R. Levati Park Center
R. Levati Park Center