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Parco Provinciale del Monte Fuso
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Parco Provinciale del Monte Fuso

The Parco Provinciale del Monte Fuso was established in 1972 thanks to the commitment of the Dr. Bruno Sassi, a veterinary and provincial administrator. The Park is owned by the Province of Parma.
Since 2015 an agreement has been signed between the Parchi del Ducato and the Province of Parma for the coordinated management.

The Park extended over a 45 ha wide surface, and it features two main ecosystems: mixed broad-leaf woods (75% of the total surface) and permanent mixed meadows (25% of the total surface). It develops on the summit of the Mount Lavacchio, in Scurano's territory, in the Municipality of Neviano degli Arduini (PR), a typical landscape of the high hills and mountains. The highest altitude is 960 m by the ridge, in the Park's southern side; the lower altitude is 840 m, in the northeastern far end.

In the Park there is a "Faunistic Center" with about 60 ungulates: deers, fallow deers and mouflons. There are also varied and interesting local trees: oaks, chestnut trees, cherry-trees, walnuts, European crab apple trees, hornbeams, ashes, European wild pears and maples are the main ones. A particular attention is dedicated to the "Grande Tiglio" (Great lime tree), a centuries-old tree of the Park, having an important value in the didactic activities and guided visits. The shrub formatns are also very interesting: common hazel, common hawthorn, Cornelian cherry, common laburnum, dog-rose, common broom, whitebeam, juniper.

Near the Faunistic Center, some enclosures have been built for didactic purposes to keep the animals representing Parma's zootechnical biodiversity: the breed of pig called Nero di Parma, the sheep breed called Pecora Cornigliese and the Turkey of Parma and Piacenza. Near the enclosure it was created a didactic path dedicated to the schools and to the groups visiting the Park.

Here visitors can enjoy several tourist, sport and didactic activities: hiking along the CAI network, going riding with the mountain bike following an over-70-km-long cycle way, horse riding, traditional archery, orienteering and many other activities surrounded by nature.

At visitors' disposal: visitor center and information office, bar-restaurant, equipped area for RVs, playground for children, equipped picnic area, didactic room and conference hall.

For further information about the Tourist Office's services, the bar-restaurant, the equipped area for RVs, the picnic area and the conference hall you can visit the website of the managing entity entrusted with the above mentioned services: