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Points of Interest

Herons' nesting place

The flooded wood made up of willows and poplars has reproduce the ideal environment for the nesting of several heron species. This place is one of the most important in the whole region, and it makes the observation of grey herons, little egrets, black-crowned night herons and squacco herons possible.

Herons\' nesting place
Herons' nesting place

Eridania's tanks

The tanks of the industrial complex nearby are the first place where the black-winged stilt was observed during its nesting. Today they are occasionally inhabited by swamp birds and other bird species.

Young black-winged stilts
Young black-winged stilts

Chiavica sul Lorno

The Chiavica sul Lorno is the main water collection point feedeing the tanks of the Reserve which allows to regulate the water balance necessary for the reproduction of many plant and animal species.