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Parco Fluviale del Taro
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Knowing the Park

Established PDF in 1988, the Park protects the stretch of the river situated in the upper plain and the bordering areas.

Due to the presence of habitats, flora and fauna of community interest, in accordance with the EEC Habitats Directive 92/43 and Birds Directive 79/409, the Park's territory was included in the widest area called Medio Taro SCI and SPA, including another stretch of the river southwards (Municipality of Solignano) and a stretch of the stream Ceno up to Varano Melegari.

Riparian woods and dry meadows, quarry lakes, water courses, irrigation canals and permanent meadows live together with elements of the landscape that have been deeply changed by man, such as small business areas and those where extraction activities are carried out. A balance which is difficult to maintain, whose goal is to achieve the sustainability and the conservation of the natural resources through strategies allowing the anthropogenic activities to combine with the safeguard of the ecosystems.

To this purpose, the Park promotes educational and training activities, projects and researches, and it takes care of implementing the regulations in force with specific behavioral rules for the users and production activities.