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Capannella Woodland

Capannella woodland is a charming wood situated on the right slope of the valley of Rio delle Basse, which borders the municipal road leading to Collecchio, the so-called "Strada del Conventino". The itinerary, which can be freely gone through, is interesting above all for its historical and naturalistic aspects; it is the most known and gone through by visitors, on foot, with the horse, or by bike.

The walk mainly develops on a plateau dominated by Turkey oaks and by chestnut trees alternating with wide grasslands. You can also find flowering ash trees, wild service trees, hop hornbeams and some rare oriental hornbeams. In the thick coat of shrubs there are hawthorns, privets, and hazelnut trees.
The wood witnesses the importance of the hunting tradition characterizing the whole area since the period in which the Sanvitale family dominated it, before the arrival of the Farnese family. As a matter of fact, within the wood you will find the "star", the point where the ancient hunting paths met, and which is typical of the royal hunting reserves. At the half of the 18th century a cabin called "capannella" was built in the middle of it: it was the meeting place for hunters, who maintained the tradition until the first decades of the last century.

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