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The territory of Schia and Mount Caio

On foot         Great Interest: Geology Great Interest: Panorama 
  • Duration: variable depending on the chosen itineraries. From Schia to Mount Caio via 737: 2h and 30’ (outward and backward). From Agna to Mount Caio via 737a: about 5 hours (outward and backward)
  • Difficulty Level: for hikers
  • Length: variable
  • Difference in height: variable. From Schia to Mount Caio via 737: 370 meters uphill and 370 meters downhill. - From Agna to Mount Caio about 815 meters uphill and 815 downhill

Water presence: YES in Schia and along the path 737a.
Stop points/equipment:
In Schia (mountain hut, Hotel/Restaurant) game area for children, cable transport. In Corno Caneto and Costa Grande areas equipped with benches and tables, barbecue.

Mount Caio
Mount Caio
(photo by PR Cento Laghi)