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Ecoregole - Carta della qualità eco

ECO project, carried out with the contribution Leader+ (action 1.2.2. of the Local Action Plan), is addressed to tourist and trading companies working in the Protected Areas of the provinces of Parma and Piacenza, in the Park Municipalities. It aims at creating a new entrepreneurial model, in line with the Quality Specifications, consistent with the enhancement and safeguard of the environment promoted in the Protected Areas: a highly competitive model in the quality tourist market considering environmental sustainability as the main feature of the tourist offer.
The Environmental Quality Specifications, which must be signed by the Enterprises joining the Project, settle the standards to respect and the future goals to achieve; moreover, the respect of these specifications entitles to the use of the "Eco" Label. The Project (see also the presentation - Italian text) started in 2005 and is almost at its end with the beginning of the tourist promotion campaign for the enterprises that have already signed the Specifications; however, it is still possible to join ECO, becoming part of the eco-entrepreneurs network.

  1. Development stages
  2. Why it is important to join the project
  3. How to do to join the project
  4. The Eco-Companies
  5. Further info on the project
  6. ECO promotional tourist campaign

The Project is promoted by:

  • SOPRIP - GAL Leader+ Parma Piacenza
  • Amministrazione Provinciale di Parma
  • Regional Protected Area System of the Provinces of Parma and Piacenza

Further information
Ecoregole - Carta della qualità eco
Ecoregole - Carta della qualità eco