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Riserva Naturale dei Ghirardi
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Red path

Green giants

On foot         Great Interest: Flora 
  • Length: 3.56 km

The ring-route begins near case Ghiradi and climbs down along the Frontù ridge, towards Pian della Riva, where many monumental downy oaks can be observed. Through the Remolà stream the path passes near Cà Segalè, within a turkey oak wood with old trees. It follows the road on the ridge between wide meadows and rows of centuries-old oaks. One reaches the bridge over the Remolà, from there the path reaches Case Ghirardi between turkey oaks and chestnut trees.

  • Maximum gradient: 23%
  • Average gradient: 10%
  • Minimum altitude: 530m
  • Maximum altitude: 647m
Ghirardi Nature Reserve
Ghirardi Nature Reserve
(photo by Guido Sardella)